Our range of ITC Master Chef 'Super Safe' Prawns have not only passed ITC's quality standards, but also adhere to hygiene standards of Europe, USA, Japan and India.

The whole process undergoes 243 different tests to ensure best quality and safety. The ability to ensure that our prawns remain soft, juicy, fresh and tasty when cooked is a result of rigorous dedication to quality, practiced and perfected since 1972.

We have been serving our prawns to the most discerning customers in as many as 40 countries around the globe. Nurtured and harvested in prawn farms, every single prawn is handpicked, graded , cleaned, deveined and frozen to -18 deg C within 15 hours of harvest while they are still fresh.

Our Process individually locks not only the freshness of each prawns but also the natural moisture content keeping it tender, fresh and juicy when thawed.


With the support of the master chefs at ITC hotels, we have developed a variety of healthy and tasty choices. Whether you’re looking for something quick and easy or something fancy and exclusive, these products give you the option for both.

So Choose Wise. Health – Wise, Taste – Wise and Variety- Wise!!

Health-Wise: Our products are made with ingredients such as carrots, corn, capsicum and even Chickpeas, going far beyond potatoes. And why only deep fry? Bake, Air fry, Shallow Fry, or simply Tawa Cook to suit your lifestyle.

The best part – most of our products have “No Artificial Preservatives*”.

Taste-Wise - Our recipes have been crafted to perfection by master chefs at ITC Hotels & then frozen at our factories using IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) technology. We have a range of flavors to suit your taste buds - Desi or Videshi, Spicy or mild.

Variety-Wise- With 17 products across Veg & Non Veg we ensure that there is something for everyone - from kids to youngsters to adults. Now you can please everyone in one go. Serve out something new every day & create endless possibilities with your amazing cooking skills and these crave worthy products.

*Not applicable for Cheesy Corn Triangles and Veggie Pizza Pocket

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